Animals Everywhere is a Play with Me Sesame DVD, released only in region 4 and other territories.


Image Segment Description
Ernie says Acting like dogs, elephants, and pigeons.
Muppets Grover is a jungle photographer. "Hold still, little tsetse fly!" he says as he clicks the shutter. "Thank you. I will send you a print." He tries to find an elephant to photograph, but he never turns around in time. Finally, the elephant takes a picture of Grover for his collection. (First: Episode 3968)
Muppets Zoe finds Elmo pretending to be a duck, and he shows her how to act like one. A real duck shows up, and mistakes Zoe for its mama.(First: Episode 3866)
Computer Ernie plays "Ducks in a Row."
Cast Ernie pretends to be a cow, Prairie Dawn pretends to be a car, and grover pretends to hail a taxi.
Muppets Ernie and Bert Ernie gets an idea, that he and Bert should imagine that they are animals. They imagine to be cats, cows, and pigeons. Bert is particularly happy about the last one.
Move and Groove Grover moves and grooves to "The Birdcall Boogie."
Muppets Bert enjoys a nice day at the park feeding his pigeons when Elmo screams a hello to him, scaring the pigeons away. Bert explains that when pigeons are near, one must be quiet. Elmo understands and helps Bert by loudly calling the pigeons back. Bert becomes happy again and Elmo cheers...scaring the pigeons away again. (First: Episode 3249)
play with me The cast ask the viewer to say "sesame" when they say "Play with me", then Bert ask the viewers to go "Coo-coo", when he goes "Coo-coo", like Pigeons
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash Dr. Nobel Price reveals his latest captured creature, which turns out to be a live rabbit. (First: Episode 1521)
Ernie says Ernie leads the audience in a game of "Ernie Says" which includes making various noises. When he asks viewers to make the sound of a police siren, Super Grover shows up to assist with the emergency. Ernie assures him that it's just "us" making the sound of a police car and Super Grover ventures off. He returns after hearing the sounds of a cat, figuring that a kitty must be stuck in a tree somewhere, and again in response to a phone ringing (both cases being Ernie again). Finally, he's so accustomed to Ernie's game that when a lion shows up Chicago, he thinks the realistic roars are part of the game until he comes face-to-face with the king of beasts.
Muppets Ernie and Bert: Ernie wants to go outside and play catch, but Bert gets him interested in watching his goldfish.(First: Episode 1422)
muppets A Fish Outta Water(First: Episode 3247)
computer Bert plays a computer game: Pigeon Pattern.
Muppets In the jungle, Joey and Davey Monkey see a bunch of bananas on a tree, and try to figure out how to get them down. They climb up the tree, knock the bananas off, and are about to climb down, when an elephant carries the bananas away. They decide to order a pizza instead. (First: Episode 3230)
muppets We Are All Earthlings (First: Episode 2835)
ernie says Ernie, Zoe and Grover take turns acting like dogs.
Muppets The superhero Asking Elmo, helps Grover to figure out why his dog, who is tied to a tree, doesn't come when Grover tells it to.
Muppets Animals In, On and Under (First: Episode 3490)
Move and Groover Grover moves and grooves to A Cat Had a Birthday



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