Left to right, Steve Shevett and Anita Shevett

Anita and Steve Shevett (also credited in reverse, Steve and Anita Shevett) are a husband and wife photography team who often did work for Sesame Street, notably for the 1985 book Sign Language ABC. Their photos of Linda Bove (sometimes with Muppet friends) also appeared in Sesame Street Magazine. The Shevetts also took publicity and behind the scenes photography for Children's Television Workshop (including for Maria and Luis' wedding and an often circulated photo of Bert, Ernie, and Rubber Duckie).

The Shevetts supplied photos for Random House picture books, including Baby's ABC (1986) and two Raggedy Ann titles from 1987. Most of their work has been done in the realm of Broadway, photographing opening nights, arrivals, stars, shows, and special events (often credited to the Shevett Studios). They also took album cover photos for the Kronos Quartet and The Broadway Kids.