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Annie Colbert is the viral content editor for Mashable, a professional writer, a ghost Twitter-er and co-host of Mashable's #5facts. Her work in social media has been highlighted in the press, including profiles in WIRED and the New York Times.

Colbert appeared alongside several Sesame Street Muppets while hosting #5facts. Grover and Bert appeared in the October 9, 2013 episode of #5facts presenting "five fun science experiments for kids." Telly Monster appeared on the April 3, 2014 episode presenting "5 Hidden Worlds Revealed Under a Microscope."

In addition to appearing with Muppets, Colbert has written several Muppet-related articles for Mashable—including visiting the set of Sesame Street to compile a list of comical products found in Hooper's Store—and has helped produce several Muppet web videos—including a video featuring Oscar the Grouch meeting Grumpy Cat, a music video featuring Zachary Levi and Bert; a video featuring Cookie Monster appearing alongside John Oliver, and a series of videos featuring Grover with Kid President. Colbert also co-wrote the song "A Lovely Sunny Day" which featured Zachary Levi and Bert (and she makes a brief cameo in the video).

In October 2014, Colbert moderated the Sesame Street panel at the New York Comic Con featuring Carol-Lynn Parente, Joey Mazzarino (with Murray Monster), Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (with Abby Cadabby), and Eric Jacobson (with Grover).

In her Twitter bio, Colbert describes herself as a "Muppet Fanatic" and a group photo of the Muppets is used as her header image. In response to learning she had her own article on Muppet Wiki, Colbert tweeted: "life complete." Further showing her Muppet fanaticism, Colbert's official website,, features a cartoon of Colbert at a café with Kermit, Miss Piggy and Fozzie as the central image on the homepage.


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