Visit beautiful, icy Antarctica


Ollie the Tapir points out Antarctica on The Animal Show

Antarctica is one of the seven continents of the Earth, located below the Antarctic Circle. 98% of the continent is covered with ice, and it has no native human population (due in large part to the freezing temperatures and high winds). Scientific researchers staff various research stations on a rotational basis, but the largest demographic group, in fact and popular fiction, consist of penguins. Various breeds of seals and whales and other marine animals are also native fauna.

The notion of an icy continent populated by penguins, and occasionally Anything Muppets or pigs in fur wraps, has proven popular in Muppet productions.

  • Sesame Street and its residents have made frequent visits to Antarctica. The continent was the focus of the song "Antarctica!" as two travel agents extol the virtues of vacationing where the nights are six months long. Antarctica was again the location for the song "El Baile del Pinguino."
  • Summer, a penguin character introduced in the 2018 Muppet Babies series, hails from Antarctica where she grew up riding an Icicle Tricycle around the icebergs with her friends.
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