Ants in the Can is a tabletop game from Hasbro released in 2011. The game is a Sesame Street variation on Hasbro's "Ants in the Pants" game, featuring Oscar the Grouch and his trash can.

Product Description:

Oscar the Grouch is Antsy for some Ant-flipping Action!

Help Oscar the Grouch fill up his trash can with his ant friends by flipping and bouncing them inside. Be the first to land all your ants inside Oscar’s trash can to win!

You’ll “flip out” over Oscar the Grouch’s ANTS IN THE CAN game! Flipping, flopping, hopping insects are a-fly as you try to be first to fill the can with your ants!

Comes with Cardboard Oscar the Grouch, Oscar’s Can, 16 Ants, Label Sheet and Instructions.