Exterior of Eliot's apartment building

The Apartment Building is the only exterior Muppet location seen on Dog City. The building houses Eliot Shag's apartment, which is #E. The unnamed building is owned by Ms. Fluffe, with Bruno as building supervisor and Bowser as general handyman. Other tenants include Colleen Barker (moves out after the first season), Artie Springer, Terri Springer, and an unseen lady organist. In "Cats & Dogs", Bruno becomes alarmed at the thought of cats moving into the building, but it turns out to be a canine named Katz.

The apartment building is surrounded by high rises and billboards, and appears to be at least four stories, with Eliot's apartment on the third floor. Fire hydrant-shape gates stand outside each window. The building, and its nearest neighbors, are miniature sets, shot against painted mattes and with appropriate foliage for added authenticity.