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Betty Lou visits with foreign dignitaries.

An Arab can be defined as someone whose first language is one of any varieties of Arabic, someone who can trace their ancestry back to the original inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula, or someone who is a citizen of the League of Arab States.

Individuals of this background have appeared on The Muppet Show in a variety of instances, with performers including Jerry Nelson and Richard Hunt.

When Kermit discovers that The Muppet Show is seen in 108 countries, they decide to do a salute to the nations in episode 317. Scooter is assigned the task of organizing their international visitors and places the Arabs in dressing room three with the Eskimos. This results in a conflict of interests when the Eskimos turn on the air conditioner and the Arabs set it on fire. At the beginning of the show, amongst the chaos in the backstage area, a man in a thobe speaks to a woman concealed entirely in a black burqa, stating his wishes to buy the place and burn it. The same couple can be seen in the show's finale with two other Arabs, and the female shows up again making a cameo in the "All Alone" number from episode 308, and is seen briefly again in episode 313.

The Muppet Show episode 410 features a subplot in which J.P. Grosse has sold the mineral rights to a group of Arabs just inside Kenny Rogers' dressing room. At episode's end, Kenny has secured a deal on gasoline with them in exchange for singing lessons.

In a Sesame Street storybook I Want to Be President, Betty Lou imagines herself as President of the United States and visiting various dignitaries, including Arabs.

Ernie and Bert portray Bedouins, a part of a predominantly desert-dwelling Arabian ethnic group, in a 2013 episode of Sesamstrasse's Ernie & Bert Märchensongs.

In the Muppet Babies reboot episode "Muppet Space Camp," Gonzo and Carlos can briefly be seen whizzing past the skyline of the United Arab Emirates' most populous city, Dubai.