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Pam, the "Cokey Monster"

Archer is an animated sitcom on FX revolving around secret agent Sterling Archer and his cohorts at ISIS, a low-rent spy agency.


  • In the season one episode "Killing Utne," Archer claims that his fictitious date is out parking the car and Lana asks him if she drives a Snuffleupagus.
  • In the season three episode "Bloody Ferlin," Archer's coworker, agent Ray Gillette, mentions that he once kept a diary with Miss Piggy on the cover. Gillette's brother claims that their father burnt the diary.
  • In the season five episode "White Elephant" after Cyril is hit with a flashbang making meeping sounds Archer mentions Beaker and during the raid from the FBI he keeps asking the others who Beaker's boss is.
  • In the season five episode "A Debt of Honor," Malory calls Pam as "Cokey Monster" due to her voracious appetite for cocaine. Pam makes the "Om nom nom" sound when she is eating cocaine.


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