PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 1984

The Architect Doozer is the leader of the Doozer community on Fraggle Rock, in charge of surveying and designing the many Doozer towers and structures. Introduced in the second season episode "All Work and All Play," the Architect takes on Cotterpin Doozer as his apprentice. Although at times frustrated by Cotterpin's youthful imagination and eagerness to revolutionize Doozer building methods and customs, the Architect has a genuine respect and affection for her. The Architect is also responsible for teaching young Doozers about their history and heritage.

In his youth, like Cotterpin, he refused to take the helmet like other Doozers, having no interest in building. All he really wanted to do was draw, so he chose to take the drawing board instead. The previous Architect liked circles, and it took the current Architect years to get some nice squares back into Doozer constructions.


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