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1545 Arnold Hooper
DEBUT 1980

Arnold Hooper is the younger brother of Mr. (Harold) Hooper who came to visit Sesame Street on a number of occasions, including Episode 1404, 1545, 1688, 1723, and 1806. Mr. Hooper refers to Arnold as his "kid brother" since he's four years younger.

Arnold lives in Chicago with his wife Janet, their kids, and their Tante Sarah. He has some knowledge of his brother's neighbors on Sesame Street, as he procures a jar of mud from Lake Michigan for Oscar the Grouch before he makes the trip.

Like his brother, Arnold knows how to make a delicious egg cream, though to their disdain they both remember how to make it using different methods. However, they each seem to recall the same rules for playing flipping cards, as they engage in a mildly heated competition while trying to teach the neighborhood kids how to play.


  • The script for Episode 1545 features a line where Arnold claims to have worked at his father's candy store in his youth with his brother. This would've been used to explain how Arnold knew how to make an egg cream, but the line is dropped from the final aired version.[1]


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