Arnold Roberts can't bear Fozzie in The Muppet Movie

Arnold Roberts (d. 1986) was an actor who appeared in The Muppet Movie as a cowboy at the El Sleezo Cafe. Wearing a noose around his neck, implying the character has evaded hanging or lynching, Roberts' cowboy starts Fozzie's act off with a bang (literally, via pistol shot) and is one of the first three patrons to rush the stage.

Roberts worked primarily as an extra, often appearing in background roles (townspeople, barflies) on TV Westerns such as The Virginian, Bonanza, and Gunsmoke. His few speaking/billed credits include guest spots on Little House on the Prairie (as a minister) and Riptide, and the X-rated movie Love Me Like I Do (1970, as a police chief).


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