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Written by Norman Stiles and Lou Berger
Illustrator Joe Mathieu
Published 1994
Publisher Random House
Series A Random House PICTUREBACK Book
ISBN 067985455X

Around the Corner on Sesame Street was a storybook promoting Sesame Street's new "Around the Corner" set, which debuted in Season 25 (Episode 3136).

In this book, Elmo hits a beach ball with a golf club, and Big Bird tries to catch the ball in a net -- but the ball bounces out of control, and they follow it on a whirlwind tour of the new set.

They follow the ball into 456 Sesame Street, where it interrupts the activities at the Day Care Center. It bounces through the Furry Arms Hotel, and then back out to the street. Elmo hits it again, into 10 Sesame Street, and up the stairs into Celina's Dance Studio. Going out the window, it travels into Finders Keepers, and then into the Park, where Big Bird catches it and ends the game.

Along the way, the book also introduces the new characters that debuted in Season 25 -- Jamal and Angela in the Day Care Center, Sherry Netherland and Benny Rabbit in the Furry Arms, Celina in the Dance Studio, and Ruthie in Finders Keepers. Zoe was also introduced in Season 25, and she figures prominently on the cover.

The story borrows elements from Episode 3158, a Season 25 script by the book's co-author Lou Berger and which also features Elmo and Big Bird playing a mini-golf game all over Sesame Street.


Elmo, Barkley, Big Bird, Ernie, Bert, Oscar the Grouch, Grover, Jamal, Angela, Betty Lou, Zoe, Baby Bear, Otis the Elephant Elevator Operator, Benny the Bellhop, Sherry Netherland, A Dinger, Ingrid, Humphrey, Baby Natasha, Telly Monster, Hoots the Owl, Wolfgang the Seal, Slimey, Grundgetta, Joey and Davey Monkey, Herry Monster, Rosita, Celina, Ruthie, The Squirrelles, Wanda Cousteau, Cookie Monster, and a twiddlebug.

Assorted unnamed animals (including chicken, fish, an octopus, and frogs) as well as fairy-tale characters (Jack Be Nimble, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Jack Horner, and Little Miss Muffet) also appear.