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DEBUT 1997

Arthur Modell was a contestant on "Swift Wits" in the UK Spot in episode 204 of Muppets Tonight.

Arthur has met the Dalai Lama on a sea cruise and has an interesting story about it. However, game show host, Snookie Blyer, had only asked him about his interesting story, but did not want to hear it. He plays for Rufus, a kindly old hound dog who would rather get all the medications he needs to enjoy his golden years than to be eaten by Big Mean Carl. Before Snookie could give out the clues, Arthur quickly gave the correct answer to the secret word which was "The Battle of Hastings." He became the first contestant to get the answer correct in the history of this game show. Unfortunately, this is a Pyhrric victory, as Carl eats Rufus anyway and, for the first time, eats the contestant too.

Arthur Modell is a caricature of Arthur Novell who served as the liaison for the guest stars on Muppets Tonight.