Pieces of artwork based on Muppet characters created by human and Muppet characters in various Muppet productions.


Picture Description
Sesame Street

Various portraits of Bert and Ernie have hung in their apartment over the years.

Sesame Street

Ernie paints a portrait of Bert, depicting him with shaggy hair, a beard and glasses. Ernie corrects his painting by adding the features to Bert himself.

The Muppet Show episode 115

In the musical number "Look at That Face," various Muppets (including Gonzo, Miss Piggy, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Mildred and two Frackles) paint Candice Bergen as part of an art class. Each of them paints themselves in her pose.

The Muppet Movie

Max paints Kermit the Frog's likeness on one of Doc Hopper's Frog Legs billboards.

Sesame Street Magazine

A picture in the June 1981 issue features Grover painting a self-portrait in a spoof of Norman Rockwell's Triple Self-Portrait.

Global Grover

After learning about the arts in Bangladesh, Grover spills a table of paints and accidentally creates a self portrait.

Sesame Street

Some finger paintings of Grover are hung in a classroom in the song "Muppets Rhyme in School."

Sesame Street Episode 2275

Bob plays a game with a painting that The Count painted of himself.

Muppet Babies "Beauty and the Schnoz"

The babies are spending time painting. Skeeter paints Baby Scooter, Baby Rowlf paints Baby Gonzo, Scooter paints Baby Kermit and Gonzo paints all his friends in an abstract approach.

Museum of Monster Art

In another Rockwell spoof, Ernie paints his own self-portrait.

Me Gusta Ser Yo

Pablo Bigotasso paints Pancho, Lola and Daniela's feet while they pretend to ride bicycles.


Ernie is painting a portrait of Bert, but he paints Bert with pink curly hair, glasses and a beard. When Bert gets angry about this, Ernie pulls him behind the easel and puts pink curly hair, glasses and a beard on Bert. Afterwards a chicken comes by and admires the painting, saying that Ernie painted a great likeness.

Sesame Street Episode 4309

Murray Monster demonstrates the word "Proud" in the "What's the Word on the Street?" opening by painting a picture of himself and Ovejita.

The Muppets

A painting of Miss Piggy hangs in Kermit's mansion. Of the portraits seen while Kermit sings "Pictures in My Head", this is the only one which was actually painted for the film. Artwork by Peter Savieri.

Kermit's mansion paintings
The Muppets

Paintings of Kermit's friends hang in the halls of his mansion. Unlike the painting of Piggy, the portraits of The Electric Mayhem, The Swedish Chef, Gonzo, and Fozzie Bear are digital creations to facilitate the incorporation of live puppets during the sequence.

Sesame Street Episode 4316

Sand painter Joe Mangrum creates a sidewalk sand-painting of Murray and Ovejita.

Sesame Street Word of the Day: Artist

Abby Cadabby turns Terry Crews into a painter; he paints Abby as the Mona Lisa.


Picture Description
Ernie's Bert Sculpture
Sesame Street

Ernie makes a clay sculpture of Bert, but it lacks an important part - his nose. Ernie borrows Bert's.

Sesame Street

Big Bird uses various objects in his nest area to make a statue of himself, which he titles "ME."

The Muppet Show episode 406

The Swedish Chef sculpts a likeness of Kermit the Frog out of chopped liver.

Sesame Street Episode 2537

Oscar the Grouch plans to evict Hiroshi from the garage unless he pays him the trash he owes. Hiroshi doesn't have any trash, as he has used it to make a garbage-likeness of Oscar.

Global Grover

Grover and his donkey Roberto return from Mexico with clay. Grover makes a lump, calling it Potato. Roberto sculpts Grover in Auguste Rodin's The Thinker pose.

Plaza Sésamo episode 862

Pancho unveils a statue made in his image, which his friends mistake for the real monster.

Sesame Street "Murray Has a Little Lamb"

At Art School, Ovejita makes a clay sculpture of Murray, who wonders who it's supposed to be.

Sesame Street Episode 4325

Murray makes a sculpture of himself using various objects in the "What's the Word on the Street?" introduction.

Sesame Street Episode 4325

Later, in the Word of the Day segment, Elmo makes a sculpture of himself to help Jon Hamm explaining the word sculpture.


Picture Description
Sesame Street

Chalkboard doodles of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch are seen in the classroom of Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School.

0827 05b
Sesame Street Episode 0827

Susan draws a picture of Grover in her sketchpad.

Fraggle Rock "Let the Water Run"

Wembley draws a poster of Red to help promote her water show.

Big Bird's Portrait of a Friend

Big Bird draws Mr. Snuffleupagus in a 1986 Golden puzzle.

Wow, You're a Cartoonist!

Throughout the video are drawings of Kermit, Fozzie, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Kai-Lee, P.J., and Animal. With the exception of Animal, at least one instance of each character drawing turns into that character after the drawing is completed.

Sesame Street Episode 2727

Elmo initially starts to draw a picture of Big Bird, but due to his limited art skills and supplies, it ends up looking like Oscar the Grouch. Elmo presents it to him as a gift, crumpling it up to make it more to his liking.

Bert drawing bed
Sesame Street sketch

Ernie draws a picture of Bert to fill his spot in bed while he's away.

Sesame Street Episode 3410

Baby Bear draws a picture of Elmo.

Sesame Street Episode 3581

Big Bird draws a picture of Rosita.

Quiet Time

Big Bird draws pictures during his quiet time, including one of himself with Telly Monster, and Zoe.

Elmo's World: Drawing

Elmo displays a drawing he made of his parents, Mae and Louie.


Sesame Street

In two installments of "Ernie's Show and Tell," a girl named Sydney shows Ernie two drawings she's made of her family. The first one includes Ernie and Elmo. The second features Ernie going down a slide.

Sesame Street Episode 3977

Baby Bear draws a picture of his family (and Goldilocks) and the effect the hurricane had on them.

Sesame Street Episode 3977

Later in the episode, Big Bird draws a picture of himself in his nest.


Sesame Street

Ernie draws a picture of Bert, but with two noses. Ernie becomes sad, as he thinks Bert doesn't like his picture. Bert overlooks the noses and claims he likes Ernie's picture very much, so Ernie gives Bert his Picasso-esque picture of Bert with seven uni brows.


Plaza Sésamo episode 0982

Abelardo, missing his cousin, is told by Don Boni to write a letter. Abelardo instead uses images, including one of Big Bird. Soon after, a similar letter is sent by Big Bird back, featuring drawings of himself and Abelardo.

Elmo Loves You

Elmo draws himself on a special card he's making for a loved one.

Muppet Babies "Tooth and Consequences"

Kermit and Fozzie draw (a naturally headless) Miss Nanny at the beginning of the episode.

Sesame Street 50th Anniversary HBO promo

Big Bird says that he's drawing pictures of his friends to celebrate Sesame Street’s 50th birthday, and shows a picture he made of Oscar.

Buster 2523
Sesame Street Episode 2523

Big Bird draws a picture of Buster the Horse. Later, he adds so much foliage that Buster himself is barely visible.


Instances of Muppets making works of art of their human co-stars.

Picture Description
Sesame Street Episode 1037

Big Bird draws a picture of his grown-up friends, Luis, David, Susan, Buffy and Sheldon. He later adds baby Cody to it.

Sesame Street Episode 1839

Big Bird makes drawings of all his adult friends, including Maria, Luis, Bob, Susan, David, Olivia, Gordon, and most notably Mr. Hooper.

Sesame Street episode 3410

Baby Bear draws a portrait of Bob holding a Z, the letter of the day.

Plaza Sésamo episode 0845

Pablo Bigotasso tries to paint Adal Ramones and the result becomes the Mona Lisa with Adal's face.


Stock photos used for puzzles and other merchandise.

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