Written by D.K. Sullivan
Illustrator Joe Ewers and John Carrozza
Published 1995
Publisher Western Publishing
ISBN 0307128245

Kermit the Frog and Robin embark on a bug hunt, and explain the various types of insects and arthropods, from bees and ants to spiders.

Joe Ewers supplied the Muppet character art, while John Carrozza worked on the realistic insect illustrations. Dr. Norman Platnick, curator of the department of entomology at the American Musem of Natural History, received credit as a consultant. The book was also released as Ask Kermit: Do Flies Have Eyes?.

From the back cover

What is the smallest bug?
How do bees make honey?
How can a fly walk upside down?
With Kermit the Frog as their guide, children will enjoy finding out the answers to these and other questions about many familiar bugs. In his friendly and entertaining way, Kermit tells readers what makes fireflies glow, how spiders spin their webs, what the inside of an ant hill looks like, and much more!

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