Music by Joe Raposo
Lyrics by Emily Kingsley
Date 1983
Publisher Jonico Music, Inc.,
Sesame Street, Inc.
First Episode 1908

"At Your Library" is a Sesame Street song that Gilbert and Sullivan sing to Oscar the Grouch about the various types of books there are to read. However, Oscar just wants to find some books about trash.

This song also features appearances by various members of the cast singing about the types of books they like best. Luis, in a swashbuckling outfit, favors adventure books, Telly Monster is into books about animals, and Olivia, dressed as a princess, loves books about romance. Maria appears as a genie fascinated by travel guides. Susan, dressed as a spy, is fond of mysteries, while Gordon, who wears a chef uniform, likes cookbooks. Bob likes living his dream of being a sailor on the ocean, and David enjoys books about sports. Linda the Librarian checks their books out for them. Finally, Gilbert and Sullivan point Oscar to a section in the library created especially for grouches.



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