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Atari 2600 Commercial "Sesame Street" (December 15, 1983)

Atari was a video game company founded in 1972. The company is best known for producing the Atari 2600 in 1977, the first successful video game console with plug-in cartridges.

In 1983, Atari produced a line of four Sesame Street games for the Atari 2600: Big Bird's Egg Catch, Oscar's Trash Race, Cookie Monster Munch and Alpha Beam with Ernie. Two proposed Sesame games -- Grover's Music Maker and The Count's Castle were never produced.

Sesame Place's arcade attraction, The Game Centre, featured token-operated educational game machines, whose hardware was built by Atari.

Atari also produced a Muppet Show game in 1983, Pigs in Space. This was the last game produced for Atari's children's line. A second Muppet game, Miss Piggy's Wedding, was never produced. A Bunsen and Beaker game was also planned but never produced.[1]




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