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Disguise delivery 3644
PERFORMER Alice Dinnean
DEBUT 1997
Disguise delivery 3644 after

A courier for the Atlas Disguise Company appears on Sesame Street in Episode 3644.

Wearing a hat and jacket labeled "B. Swift" (EKA: Episode 1418), the courier arrives in the yard where Telly Monster has been waiting for the delivery of a secret disguise kit that he has ordered. The oversized box is wheeled in where the courier reads out the features of the kit as advertised:

  • Dress up to look like another person!
  • Listen to important conversations...
  • ...While looking different!!!
  • Surprise your friends, fool your enemies, scare your dog!

As the courier β€” who has been speaking in a gruff voice thus far β€” begins to leave, Telly excitedly calls out, "Thank you, mister delivery man!" The courier turns back to the recipient and says, "Oh, I'm not a delivery man... it's a disguise! I am really...," the courier removes their cap to reveal a head of flowing, strawberry-blonde locks and tears off a fake beard, and finishes, "...a delivery woman!"

After she leaves, Telly is further emboldened to don a new identity and tells Freddy that he can't wait to look like a different person.