Attack of the Killer Fish

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is a 1978 comedy film, spoofing B horror movies (as well as films such as Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, Steven Spielberg's Jaws, and Superman), in which tomatoes attack a small town. The movie spawned three sequels and a 1990 animated series, produced by Marvel Productions.


  • In The Muppets Take Manhattan, Scooter works at a 3D cinema playing continuous showings of "Attack of the Killer Fish". The title is a parody of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes as well as the campy tone of the movie, which has been viewed by Lew Zealand ninety-seven times.
  • Clips from the movie were included in multiple episodes of Muppet Babies. The most notable example occurred in "The Weirdo Zone," as Baby Fozzie imagines an attack by the silly tomatoes, seeking revenge on all comedians.


  • John Astin played Professor Putrid T. Gangrene in Return of the Killer Tomatoes! (1988), Killer Tomatoes Strike Back! (1990), Killer Tomatoes Eat France! (1991), and the 1990 animated series.
  • Gregg Berger played a sergeant in the 1978 film.
  • Rob Paulsen voiced Mumatto and others in the second season of the animated series.

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