Music by Jim Timmens
Lyrics by David Korr
Date 1977
Publisher Dreaming Dragon Music

"Attila the Hen" is a song from The Sesame Street Fairy Tale Album. Performed by Big Bird about a famous bird, the song is a musical telling of "The Little Red Hen," here named Atilla (and the melody is reworked from "Sweet Betsy from Pike.") She has six chicks, who she raises to be good and industrious. They find some stray corn, and ask the other farm animals for help: the cow, the horse, the pig, the hound dog, and the cat. They all say "Not I," of course, at each stage. So Atilla and her brood plant, water, weed, tend, harvest, and cook the corn.

When asked who will help them eat the corn, the answer is.... "ME," says Cookie Monster. "Me eat the corn fritters and corn muffins too... me eat corn forever..." Big Bird steers the song back to the expected conclusion, as Attila reminds the animals that they can't share the rewards if they won't share the labor.