Augie Castagnola, more often credited as Agostino Castagnola, is an opera singer and studio vocalist. He dubbed the "Pagliacci" vocals for Arsenio Hall in episode 208 of Muppets Tonight. While uncredited, he was billed when clips of those scenes were reused in the following episode, listed with the puppeteers.

Castagnola is a tenor and has performed with the Los Angeles Opera and the Los Angeles Master Chorale. He dubbed Robert Picardo singing opera in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Virtuoso" and sang on the scores for films The Rite, the 2003 Peter Pan, 2008's The Day the Earth Stood Still, and Watchmen. He was part of the choir backing Josh Groban on the song "London Hymn" from his 2010 album Illuminations.

Castagnola has lent his vocals to cartoons, including Dexter's Laboratory (in the operatic episode "LABretto"), Loonatics Unleashed, Family Guy, Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers , and Frozen. He appeared on-camera as opera singers in episodes of Dharma & Greg, Providence and Just Shoot Me! as well as the 2004 TV Land Awards.

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