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Aunt Agnes, from Bert and the Magic Lamp.

Aunt Agnes Snuffleupagus is Snuffy and Alice's aunt. Aunt Agnes is very friendly and bakes moss-cream cupcakes.

In the 1987 book Don't Be Shy, Agnes lives in Hawaii, the ancestral home of Snuffleupaguses. She visits Snuffy's family for the first time in years; Mommy Snuffleupagus says that Snuffy hasn't seen her "since you were a little ball of snuffle fur."[1] Aunt Agnes brings Snuffy a conch shell from Hawaii.

Aunt Agnes then moves into a cave that connects by a tunnel to the Snuffleupagus family's cave, 456 Snuffle Circle. She's seen in this cave in the 1989 book Bert and the Magic Lamp.

Book appearances


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