Aurora Bath Tissue Commercial

Aurora Bath Tissue Commercial

Aurora Bath Tissue commercial produced by Jim Henson in 1966.

Aurora Bath Tissue was a brand from the American Can Company, touted for its softness, beauty, and "delicate scent." Beginning in November 1965, Jim Henson was hired by ad agency Young & Rubicam to film a series of short thirty second spots for Aurora, featuring a feminine, glove hand ballerina. Although Frank Oz performed the character in a test commercial,[1] Jane Henson played the hand in the subsequent spots.[2] The glove would glide across unrolling toilet paper, while a female voice-over described the beauty or comfort advantages of Aurora, depending on the spot.

More ads followed in November 1966, and one made use of a very young Lisa Henson[3] An Aurora commercial aired in its entirety within The Mike Douglas Show in 1966, not as an interruption, but as an example of Jim Henson's commercial creativity. The glove puppet was demonstrated by Frank Oz in The Muppets on Puppets special in 1968.


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