DEBUT 2007

Azibo is a friendly green monster who stars in Panwapa. He loves soccer and his favorite food is noodles with spice.

At the beginning of the series he arrives on Panwapa Island as a new resident. He is friendly and outgoing, eagerly greeting people he meets and showing his Panwapa card. At first Koko the Penguin, Bill the Bug and Tungar the Tiger are terrified of him and run away. Discouraged, he plans to find a different island to live on, but Athena the Owl convinces him to try again. His eager song explaining that "You and me are different but the same" wins them over and they help him build his home on the beach.

Official Bio

Young and boisterous, Azibo is eager to start life in his new surroundings. Azibo has the magnetism and energy of youth, but also its inexperience; often leaping and speaking before looking and thinking. He looks to Athena for guidance in tough situations as well as confirmation and comfort. Azibo lives in a palm frond shack on the beach.[1]


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