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BOOM! Studios is an independent comic book company founded in June 2005. The publisher partnered with The Walt Disney Company in 2008 to produce several series based on Disney properties, including the Muppets. Boom also publishes Farscape comics for The Jim Henson Company.

In addition to a direct comic book adaptation of The Muppet Show, Boom! also published related mini-series, mostly literary adaptations of the likes of Robin Hood and Peter Pan. In July 2008, Boom! editor-in-chief talked offhand about "things like Muppet Robin Hood, or The Three Musketeers or whatever. They're talking to us about following sort of the paradigm they set up in the movies about classic stories retold with the Muppets."[1] That September, company co-founder Ross Richie echoed the concept at the Baltimore Comic Con: "The idea is not just to do The Muppet Show, but Muppet Robin Hood, Muppet Sleeping Beauty, Muppet Prince Charming, Muppet King Arthur, or titles like that... Our ongoing publishing plan over the next three years is to do the bulk of our stuff in that way."[2]

Every story save for the Meet the Muppets series and Muppet Sherlock Holmes was edited by Aaron Sparrow, whom the characters and even the writer talk to throughout the story.

In 2011, BOOM! anounced that they had lost the Muppet license. It was subsequently handed over to Marvel Comics, who reprinted all of The Muppet Show Comic Book's story arcs and eventually published the final arc, The Four Seasons, as a mini-series.

In 2013, BOOM! acquired Archaia Entertainment which holds the licenses to other Henson properties such as Fraggle Rock.

The Muppet Show Comic Book

Muppet Show 1a Muppet Show 2a Muppet Show 3a Muppetshowcomicbook4a Peg Leg Wilson 1a Pegleg2a Pegleg3a Pegleg4a

Meet the Muppets

The Treasure of Peg-Leg Wilson

Pigsinspace00b Tmscomic-ontheroad1a Tmscomic02 Tmscomic-3 Tmscomic-4 MuppetShow Ongoing 05 CVRA Tmscomic-robinshoes Tmscomic-sherlock

Pigs in Space

On the Road

Family Reunion

Mash1 Tmscomic9 Tms10cover MuppetShow 11

Muppet Mash


Muppet Classics

Muppetrobinhood Muppet robin hood-2A Muppetrobinhood3a Muppet robin hood-4A Muppetrobinhood1bean Muppetpeterpan2a Muppetpeterpan3a Muppetpeterpan4a

Muppet Robin Hood

Muppet Peter Pan

Kingarthur01 Kingarthur2 Kingarthur3 Kingarthur4 Snowwhite1b Muppetsnowwhite2a Muppetsnowwhite3a Muppetsnowwhite4a

Muppet King Arthur

Muppet Snow White

Muppetsherlockholmes1a Muppetsherlockholmes1b Muppet Sherlock Holmes Issue 3 MuppetSherlock 04

Muppet Sherlock Holmes


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