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511 asparagus eggs
DEBUT 1980

Baby Asparagus appear on The Muppet Show in episode 511.

When guest star Paul Simon gets revenge on Gonzo for butchering his act by luring away his chickens, Gonzo explains to Kermit that he's developed a new obsession: asparagus (chickens are much too fickle anyway).

Kermit greets the announcement with light derision, prompting Gonzo to explain that, "Your average asparagus is much more loyal than even the finest chicken." Kermit submits, but turns his attention to a nest of green eggs Gonzo has wheeled in. After Kermit explains that asparagus is a plant (and therefore doesn't come from eggs), Gonzo erupts in exasperation and runs away shouting that he's been bamboozled.

Once he's gone, the eggs hatch and immediately imprint on Kermit as their "da-da." Kermit wastes no time in retreating to the stage where he attempts to introduce the final number, but the baby asparagus have followed him. He shoos them away and announces Paul Simon who performs "Loves Me Like a Rock" with the Female Singers.

The baby asparagus return during the curtain call when Simon orders five chicken dinners to go... and a side order of asparagus.

Louise Gold served as one of the performers of the asparagus.