Baby Big Bird

DEBUT 2006

Baby Big Bird appears in the Sesame Beginnings video and book series. He is cared for by Granny Bird and Nani Bird. Baby Big Bird is 19 months old, the oldest of the Sesame babies.

This infant version of Big Bird first appeared as a photo puppet, built by Jean-Guy White in 1991, on merchandise in the Sesame Street Babies line. His first book appearance was 1993's Meet the Sesame Street Babies.

Outside of Sesame Beginnings, Baby Big Bird also appeared in photos seen in "Elmo's World: Babies" and a Sesame Street resource video. The latter also shows an aged photo of Granny Bird as an infant (a doctored image of Baby Big Bird).

According to Big Bird's Bedtime Story, Big Bird was born on Sesame Street.

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