Baby Cuddlebunny appeared in the Dinosaurs episode "Network Genius." He was a parody of Dinosaurs’s own Baby Sinclair. His body was identical to Baby's, but his head was significantly different.

Baby Cuddlebunny appears as a patient on the dramatic pilot Dr. Kirk Marcus, M.D., who constantly screamed "Not the pajamas!" Earl Sinclair liked him, and requested that he be the doctor, changing the show to Baby Cuddlebunny, M.D. Baby Sinclair also became a fan of the character, wearing a Baby Cuddlebunny shirt and quoting his catchphrase ("Not the pajamas!"), while Ethyl Phillips wondered how his catchphrase could be so popular.

After it was decided to make Baby Cuddlebunny the star, the network executives considered making a Baby Cuddlebunny doll who could talk when its string was pulled.

The Baby Cuddlebunny puppet, sans eyelashes, was later reused in "License to Parent."

The Dinosaur TV show Baby Cuddlebunny, M.D. was a parody of the ABC sitcom Doogie Howser, M.D..

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