Written by Louise Gikow
Illustrator Lauren Attinello
Published 1988
Publisher Weekly Reader Books
ISBN 0026891603

Baby Kermit's Christmas is a Muppet Babies Christmas book featuring Baby Kermit.

Kermit watches the snow fall out the nursery window on the night before Christmas. All the other Babies are fast asleep, but Kermit worries that the rising snow will keep Santa Claus from finding them, ruining Christmas for his friends. So he puts on his winter clothing and heads outside with his little shovel to ensure that Santa will find them.

Following the Northen Lights all the way to the North Pole, Kermit sees smoke coming out of a chimney that is buried under the snow, so he begins to dig a tunnel to the house. Knocking on the door, a sleepy Elf answers, informing Kermit that Santa has left to deliver his presents all around the world.

Telling the Elf his fears of being lost, the Elf shows Kermit Santa's master list of addresses, assuring Kermit that he's also great at reading maps. Still not convinced, Kermit hears Santa approaching the workshop, upset that he has given up delivering toys for the night.

When he enters, Santa tells Kermit that he found him by what is in his heart, that good hearts send out a light of friendship that shines through even the darkest night. And because of Kermit's concern that his friends' Christmas not be spoiled, it was easy to find him.

They duo then board Santa's sleigh, where Kermit helps him deliver presents the rest of the night, before Kermit wakes up the next morning ahead of his friends, greeting Christmas Day with a smile.