Written by Liza Alexander
Illustrator Joe Ewers
Published 1994
Publisher Golden Books
ISBN 0307295060

Baby Natasha in "Say Cheese!" is a Sesame Street storybook featuring Baby Natasha, with her parents Humphrey and Ingrid.

When Elmo arrives at The Furry Arms Hotel to play with Baby Natasha, he finds Ingrid watering plants while Humphrey collects everything Natasha owns, from her swimming pool and bath toys, to her high chair and fire truck. Ingrid explains that Natasha is going to have her picture taken, and invites Elmo to join them. Elmo points out that they don't seem to have Natasha anywhere. Ingrid laughs and suggests that she is probably with Benny Rabbit, the bellhop. Sure enough, Elmo and Humphrey find her climbing on a stack of luggage outside a room on the top floor of the hotel. After a brief delay to retrieve her rattle from behind the desk, the monsters set out for the photo studio.

They arrive at the studio 2 hours late, but Natasha refuses to sit on the fuzzy rug for her picture. No matter what games Elmo plays, or what toys she is offered she crawls back towards her father. Eventually she breaks into tears.

Humphrey drops all of the stuff he is carrying in a heap, and a piece of cheese flies out and lands in Baby Natasha's lap. Delighted, she takes a big bite and smiles for the camera. Everyone laughs, and the photographer tells them to "Say Cheese!" for a group photo.


Elmo, Baby Natasha, Humphrey, Ingrid, Benny Rabbit, Bert, Ernie, Herry Monster, Sherry Netherland

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