Written by Louise Gikow
Illustrator Lauren Attinello
Published 1987
Publisher Muppet Press
Series A Weekly Reader Book

Baby Piggy's Night at the Ball is a 1987 Muppet Babies storybook in the Weekly Reader Book series.

Baby Piggy is planning a costume ball for her dolls with music and dancing and refreshments and prizes for the best costumes. She invites Baby Kermit, but he declines, as he is playing pirates with Baby Fozzie. When Baby Gonzo shows interest, Piggy rejects his request, fearing he'll make a mess.

As Piggy begins to get the dolls down from their shelves, she imagines what it would be like to get ready for a ball with her two favorite dolls, Esmerelda and Giselle, and a stuffed clown named Oliver.

The two favorite dolls shun the clown doll for wanting to attend the costume ball as himself, but Piggy feels he should be able to attend, since all the other dolls are going as well. During the party Oliver misbehaves, swinging from a crystal chandelier, balancing a bowl of chocolate ice cream on his nose in the middle of the dinner table, and tumbling into the orchestra.

Frustrated with his outbursts, Piggy sends Oliver home, causing the clown to cry. Realizing that he's a good friend, Piggy hugs and forgives him. When she looks up she is back in the Nursery, and upon seeing Gonzo she realizes her mistake in not inviting him. He puts on his space helmet and the two return to the ball, where they are crowned king and queen of the costume ball.


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