Baby Talk is a late-night show hosted by Baby Natasha that appeared in two segments in Sesame Street Season 35.

The sketch spoofs several motifs from late-night talk shows. This includes a house band, named the All-Baby Band, that plays the show's theme tune, which parodies "Johnny's Theme" from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Additionally, an announcer (Jerry Nelson) introduces the host by saying "Heeeere's Natasha!", which references Ed McMahon's famous opening line. After Natasha's opening monologue, she throws her rattle out the window, and a crash sound is heard; a reference to David Letterman's running gag of tossing pens or note cards out the window on his late-night show.

Both segments were written by Judy Freudberg and directed by Lisa Simon.[1]


Picture Guest / First Appearance Description
Episode 4065
The star of Square-y Movie 4, a soul patched square (performed by Joey Mazzarino) shows how he keeps his four sides in shape. Natasha babbles a quip that has the square in stitches. Natasha then yawns, signaling that it's naptime, so Natasha, the band, and even the announcer doze off on the guest. The announcer briefly wakes up to promote Natasha's future guests: Cher, Al Gore, and her toes!
Letter X
Episode 4080
A sunglassed letter X (Matt Vogel) is introduced as the star of The X-Files and walks on to a spoof of the show's theme song. Natasha and the X establish that he marks the spot, and begins the word "xylophone." The X also demonstrates how he looks the same even when he stands on his head. Then, it's time for Natasha's (and the band's) bottle. The X "x-cuses" Natasha's loud burp. Natasha's next guests are Madonna, Clint Eastwood, and her thumbs!


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