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PERFORMER Richard Hunt
DEBUT 1973
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand

Bad Barney as he appears in "Ernie Learns to Skate"

Bad Barney is a juvenile delinquent who caused trouble for Big Bird and Telly Monster on Sesame Street.

He first appears in Episode 0546, where he graffitis various windows on the block with his initials - B.B. Since they also happen to be Big Bird's, the bird is concerned the residents will blame him for this. Bad Barney threatens Big Bird to keep his beak shut or else. When the truth comes out, the adults encourage Big Bird to stand up to Bad Barney. Big Bird courageously tells Barney off and orders him not to return unless he becomes "Good Barney."

Bad Barney returned in Episode 0723, having not changed for the better. He prods and mocks Big Bird into doing something bad himself - stealing a zucchini from Mr. Macintosh's cart. Barney makes his situation worse by blackmailing him into making him dinner, doing his homework, and other deeds. Big Bird confesses on his own and Barney flees when he hears he's been ratted out. (The scene repeats as Episode 0984.)

He reappeared many years later in Episode 2094 (performed by Kevin Clash), which partially remakes his previous appearance, only now goading Telly into stealing from Mr. Mac's cart.

Bad Barney also appeared in the Sesame Street Skills for Growing filmstrip "Ernie Learns to Skate" (voiced by Jerry Nelson).

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