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PERFORMER Martin P. Robinson
DEBUT 2016

The Bagels and Locktopus appears in Episode 4620 of Sesame Street.

He works the Bagels and Locks security company as a part of the countermeasure for intruders. Grover (a part-time employee of the company) installs a system on Hooper's Store to prevent Cookie Monster from eating Alan's birthday cake. However, the spotty instruction manual prevents Grover from accurately figuring out how to open each of the three gates. Chris presses buttons at random, unleashing the Bagels and Locktopus each time, who chases him around the block. He dismisses himself once each lock is disabled. That is, until the third lock is opened, when he continues to chase Chris. "He likes to work overtime," Grover points out.

Martin P. Robinson performed the head and voice of the mollusk, and Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Liz Hara, and Austin M. Costello operated his tentacles.

The name is a pun based on the popularity of bagels and lox (salmon) as a sandwich.