Telly in ballet slippers.


Sam the Eagle with Nureyev.


The Cube.

Abc toy chest ballet doll

Herry Monster and his ballerina doll.

The Muppets

  • The second act of The Muppet Show On Tour (1984) featured the character performing "Water Ballet: The Queen of the Mermaids/Le Paradise Couchon."

The Muppet Show

  • In episode 222, Miss Piggy overhears Kermit tell Scooter that she's getting too fat to do her ballet number next week, so she goes on a diet.
  • In episode 409, Statler and Waldorf complain that the opening numbers are too weird -- "what do you have tonight, a Chinese gorilla dancing ballet?" Embarrassed, Kermit cancels the opening number, infuriating the Chinese gorilla who was planning to dance ballet.
  • Philip Casson directed roughly half of the episodes of The Muppet Show (with Peter Harris); Casson began his career by training as a dancer, and performed as both a dancer and choreographer with Ballet Montmartre.

Sesame Street

  • New York City Ballet dancer Suzanne Farrell appeared in several segments beginning in the late 1970s.
  • Ballet-dancing yaks show their fronts and backs in an animated segment. (First: Episode 3016)
  • The 1998-2002 Sesame Street opening sequence included footage of Big Bird using a crosswalk, followed by girls in tutus. In Episode 3851, Zoe interrupts the opening, to point this footage out, mentioning that the episode focuses on dance.
  • In Episode 3851, the Street scene focuses in on a dance party on Sesame Street. Zoe demonstrates her ballet moves for Elmo, and a sequence of the New York City Ballet is shown. When Elmo sees Miles and Gabi playing basketball, their movement leads to another sequence. A latter ballet sequence is sparked by seeing the Three Bears, a stretching dance done by Tarah and Stinky, and Big Bird's turning dance. The ballet segments were performed by Maria Kowroski, Aosha Ash, Eva Natanya, Albert Evans, Nikolaj Hübbe, and Jock Soto, under the direction of Mary Perillo, with choreography by Sean Lavery.
  • The book Everybody Dance! (2008) has Zoe dancing various genres, including ballet.
  • Other Street scenes involving ballet include Episodes 4002 (2002), 4040 (2003), and 4159 (2007).
  • Sesame Street spoofed the ballet film Black Swan with "Big Swan."


  • The Cube: The Man in the Cube is allowed by the manager to leave. The man sarcastically predicts that the moment he steps outside the door, "two gorillas grab me, dressed in ballet costumes, drag me back, throw me on the floor, and dance around me singing "Home Sweet Home!" Which is precisely what happens.
  • Before joining the Muppets, designer/builder Kermit Love's best known work was as costuming work for the Jerome Robbins ballet Fancy Free in 1946.
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