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Balthazar SLOt.JPG
Secret Life of Toys
PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 1986
DESIGN Larry DiFiori designer
  Joann Green builder

The Christmas Toy

Balthazar is the wise old teddy bear who's in charge of the playroom in The Christmas Toy and The Secret Life of Toys.

On The Christmas Toy, Balthazar is mostly concerned about his feelings of stress. Being one of the older toys, he finds it hard to remember the last time the children Jamie and Jesse took him out of the playroom.

The newer Balthazar from The Secret Life of Toys was larger and had a more elderly look, with a red button for a monocle. He functions as a fatherly figure for the toys. Despite his age, everybody looks up to him. He signals the toys when it's safe to move: "All clear, everyone! They're gone!"