A member of the National Slip on a Banana Peel Club

Banana peels are often used in comedy as a tool for slapstick and pratfalls. A character is seen walking, unaware of a sole peel on the ground. They step on it, causing them to slip and fall.


  • In the Sesame Street song "King Sneer," a kingdom tries to get their king to smile. Among those who try are Joey and Davey Monkey, who attempt to make him laugh with a banana-peel pratfall.
  • In an edition of "Monster Clubhouse," a representative of the National Slip on a Banana Peel Club mistakes the Monster Clubhouse for his own meeting place (slipping on banana peels the entire time).
  • In a Global Grover sketch from episode 4058 of Sesame Street, Grover brings back a basket of banana peels from Jordan. He pours them on the ground and laughs off the idea of slipping on them, well aware of the comedy trope. He finds himself slipping on them anyway.
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