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Muppet Bananas


Bananas are a fruit that grow on trees in tropical regions of South and Central America. Of the various types of banana, the Cavendish is the most prominent, having been cultivated in the 19th century by farmers. The banana is often the source of comedic references due to its shape and the slippery texture of its inner peel. It is often inserted into ears by various Muppets for comedic effect.

The Muppet Show[]

The banana first appeared backstage on The Muppet Show in episode 103. Performed by Frank Oz, he was featured alongside Gonzo, Joel Grey, and Joel's hat in the episode's Guest Star Gag.

After Fozzie Bear spends much of The Muppet Show episode 114 talking up how great The Banana Sketch is, Kermit freaks out about said sketch not existing. The banana (performed by Peter Friedman) then appears and asks, "Hey, which way to my dressing room?"

The banana later became part of the Singing Food and would become a fixture in the background of several Muppet productions over the years. A pair of bananas (performed by Steve Whitmire and Dave Goelz) tell jokes on Fozzie Bear's page on the DXD version of


The banana was released as a pack-in with the Swedish Chef Action Figure in the ninth series of Palisades Toys' line of action figures.

Book appearances

Sesame Street[]

Multiple bananas have appeared on Sesame Street, both as part of the singing food and individually. A group of bananas dressed as Carmen Miranda sang the song "One Banana," as well as a bunch of bananas still hanging from their tree.

Named bananas include Vanna Banana, and The Top Banana who visited Elmo's World in a segment dedicated entirely to bananas.

Mopatop's Shop[]


Instagram image of Animal "feeding" the new Electric Mayhem bus a banana (backstage on The Muppets).

In the Mopatop's Shop episode "Mischievous Monkey," a large banana was seen in the possession of Fred Forget-It. (YouTube)



  • Bananas are featured in a number of Ernie and Bert sketches. The most notable sketch consists of Ernie's inability to hear what Bert is saying because he has a banana in his ear.

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