Barbara Dana as Phyllis

Barbara Dana (b. December 28, 1940) is an actress/writer who appeared on Sesame Street in the Larry and Phyllis sketches, beginning in Season 2. Her husband, Alan Arkin, played Larry.

Dana's other credits include appearances in several films with Arkin, including Inspector Clouseau, Popi, Fire Sale, and The In-Laws. On stage, she appeared in Enter Laughing? (with Arkin) and Where's Daddy? In 1988, she shifted from acting, focusing on writing (including the children's books Crazy Eights and Zucchini), but has returned to performing in recent years, with guest spots on Law & Order and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and a co-starring role with Arkin and Austin Pendleton in the feature film Raising Flagg, which debuted on the art-house circuit in 2007.

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