PERFORMER Stephen Ouimette
DEBUT 1992

Baron Von Rottweiler is a recurring villain on Dog City. A stereotypical German villain complete with monocle, tailored suits, and sharp accent, Rottweiler was originally used as a secondary villain, in comparison to Bugsy Vile. His earliest appearances were limited to threatening Ace Hart (and being foiled by him) in the brief scenes animated by Eliot Shag as a preamble to the story proper. In his premiere appearance, "The Big Squeak," the baron and his ever-present silent lackey, Leon, have their lair at the Rottweiler Explosives Incorporated factory. Not coincidentally, Rottweiler is rarely seen without dynamite or bombs or some form of incendiary device.

As the first season progressed, however, Rottweiler emerged as a villain in his own right. In comparison to ganglord Bugsy Vile, Rottweiler's schemes from this point on were more maniacal, fixing him as a take-off of the James Bond movie villains rather than a gangster spoof. Rottweiler's plots generally involved perverting science, from sabotaging a space travel expedition and kidnapping rocket scientists to creating monsters and time machines.

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