Barrio Sésamo (theatre) is a theatrical version of the second period of Barrio Sésamo.

Barrio Sésamo was the Spanish co-production of Sesame Street, featuring both the traditional Muppets from the American version (Kermit, Ernie and Bert, Grover...), plus original material with humans interacting with Muppets.

The second period of Barrio Sésamo (1983 - 1987) was particularly successful. Some of the characters had became very popular for a Spanish audience, not only young audience. However, Televisión Española (Spanish TV) decided to re-new their offer for a young public and replace Barrio Sésamo with a completely new show, Los mundos de Yupi (which shared many similitudes with Barrio Sésamo)

Some of the actors of Barrio Sésamo were re-joined during the late 1980s to reprise their roles in a theatre version of the series. Particularly the main Muppet of the series Espinete, and two of the most beloved human adults, Chema the baker and Julián with the trolley, re-appeared in this version, making different tours through Spain.

For the tours, all the characters from Barrio Sésamo would be played by the actors who had played them on TV: Espinete was performed by Chelo Vivares, Chema was Juan Sánchez (Vivares' husband) and Julián was veteran José Riesgo. Other cast from the theatre is unknown.

After these tours, the characters for the second season of Barrio Sésamo were permanently shelved.