DEBUT 1992
DESIGN Rollie Krewson builder

A trio of talking baseballs appeared in one of the "Muppet Moments" sketches produced for Good Morning America, aired on March 17, 1992.

In honor of Spring training, Louis Kazagger attempts to get the inside scoop from the baseballs themselves. However, the three merely crack jokes and provide little insight; one ball has a vague memory of being spat on by Gaylord Perry. When the interview turns into an insult match, the baseballs rally their fellow balls and attack Louis.

The balls were performed by Noel MacNeal, Dave Goelz, and David Rudman. One ball was later used in a Muppet Time sketch involving Do Re Mi Monster.

The puppets are currently in the possession of Craig Shemin, who wrote the original sketch.[1]


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