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PERFORMER Tim Gosley 1987-1996
  Bob Stutt 1996-2002
DEBUT 1987

Basil is a cheerful polar bear and star of Sesame Park. Along with Dodi and Louis, Basil was one of the three original Canadian Muppets, beginning in the period when the program was simply known as "Canadian Sesame Street."

Despite his deep voice, Basil was originally the most child-like of the characters, having difficulty dressing himself, and the most curious. He struggled to learn French from his bilingual friend Louis. Basil starred in the Canadian Sesame Street special, Basil Hears a Noise, though he shared the spotlight with special guest Elmo. In some episodes, Basil would pretend to be Super Basil, a member of the Sesame Park Super Heroes Club. He also appeared in Mr. Dressup Holiday Special.

He appeared in a pre-taped comedy sketch for the 2007 Gemini Awards, Canada's top television honour. The skit showed Basil simply playing a piano in a puppet retirement home.

A Basil puppet was on display at the CBC Museum within the Canadian Broadcasting Centre, from 2003 to 2017.