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Basil Hears a Noise is a 1990 special made by the Canadian co-production of Sesame Street, Sesame Park (which at the time, was still known simply as "the Canadian Sesame Street"). Premiering on Canadian television on December 26, 1990 (and later airing in the United States over the Disney Channel), Basil Hears a Noise featured a prominent guest appearance by Elmo.

Elmo joins the Canadian Muppets Dodi, Basil, and Louis on a camping trip in the woods. Basil is frightened, however, so Dodi tells a fantasy story by the campfire, leading Basil to imagine that they are all in costume as kings, dragons, and princesses. The special was released on home video in the United States in 1993, with packaging emphasizing Elmo's presence. The special also features background appearances by other stock Sesame Street characters, most notably the Honkers and the Two-Headed Monster.

Puppeteers, in addition to guest Kevin Clash as Elmo included Tim Gosley, Rob Mills, Pier Paquette, Gord Robertson, Trish Leeper, Cheryl Wagner, Bob Stutt, Karen Valleau, Bob Dermer, Frank Meschkuleit, Jani Lauzon, Bruce Hunter, Kathy MacLellan, John Nolan, Martine Cardinal, Patricia Lewis, Kevin McGrath, and Karen Waterman.

The program first aired December 26, at 7 pm on CBC. The special opens with a dedication to Jim Henson, who died in May of 1990.


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