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DEBUT 1978

Beakie is a bird-like monster with rainbow-colored hair, yellow eyes, and a large, spiky beak. She made her first appearance on The Muppet Show in episode 307, where she performed "You and Me" as a romantic duet with the song's co-writer and original performer, Alice Cooper.

At the conclusion of the number, it was revealed that Beakie was merely the form into which Miss Piggy had been transfigured when she sold her soul to the Devil. Once she realized that "fabulous riches and worldwide fame" would come at the expense of her stunning looks, Piggy immediately insisted that Alice change her back, at which point Beakie disappeared.

Louise Gold supplied Beakie's singing voice in this episode, whereas Frank Oz supplied her speaking voice as Piggy. It is unclear who puppeteered Beakie when she speaks as Piggy.

Despite her original use as an alternate persona of Miss Piggy, Beakie later reappeared in the background of several episodes, including episodes 422 ("Green Door") and 524. And, as performed by Jerry Nelson, Beakie was featured in episode 412, where he/she/it was nominated for a Fred Award for Best Unexplainable Creature.

Other uses[]

"Beakie" is also a nickname given to Beaker by Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.