Raisin and Daffodil.

Beam Land is the name that the toys call the attic in The Secret Life of Toys. It may look like a regular attic, to be reached through one of the doors in the playroom, but the toys consider it a dangerous and frightening place, full of wooden beams, from which no toy has ever returned. Toys who go into Beam Land risk being "beamed" by these beams.

Balthazar is the first toy to return safely from Beam Land when saving Rugby Tiger, who breaks the 44th Nono ("Don't go beyond the Beam Land door!") in search of adventure.

Mew finally unwinds the mystery of Beam Land when he learns that Daffodil spent many childhoods in Beam Land before Penny and Simon found her. When she turns on the light, Mew discovers that Beam Land is not as scary as they thought it was.