Book.Bear's Berry Christmas
Based on "A Berry Bear Christmas"
Published 2000
Adapted by Catherine Daly
Illustrator Laurie Struck Long
Original story Mitchell Kriegman
Pages 10
Publisher Simon Spotlight
ISBN 0-689-83428-4

Bear's Berry Christmas is a lift-the-flap adaptation of the 1999 two-part special "A Berry Bear Christmas". The book features a total of 52 flaps to lift.

In this story, Bear and the kids find themselves getting everything ready for Christmas. They suddenly hear a howling behind the kitchen door of the Big Blue House and find Jack the Dog. He's invited to spend the holidays there. Later, Pip and Pop join in Bear's favorite holiday tradition --- hunting for the winter berry. They find it and make a wish for Jack to have a home. It just so happens that Doc Hogg has a doghouse that isn't being used.


  • Bear's Berry Christmas combines photos of the characters with original illustrations.
  • Tutter is seen holding a wish list of cheeses he'd like for the holidays. The list includes Gouda, Swiss and Bleu. When the flap is lifted, the following additional cheeses are revealed --- Goat, Feta, Brie, Stilton and Cheddar.
  • Ojo bakes cookies, Pip and Pop wrap presents, Treelo hangs up the stockings and Tutter helps Bear to decorate the Christmas tree.
  • The following additional holidays are mentioned in passing when the flaps are lifted on the last two pages --- New Year's Day, Kwanzaa and Hannukah.
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