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Bear in the Big Blue House logo
Premiere October 20, 1997
Finale April 28, 2006
Network Disney Channel
Seasons 4
Episodes 117

Disney's Bear in the Big Blue House Behind the Ears

Disney Channel's Behind the Ears feature


Behind the scenes of taping an episode.


Behind the scenes: Noel MacNeal rehearses partially wearing the Bear suit with the other puppeteers.


Another crew shot behind the scenes.


Big Bird visits the Big Blue House: "When the first season was shot upstairs from Sesame, Caroll snuck Bird upstairs."[1]

Bear in the Big Blue House is a TV series that ran for four seasons, from 1997 to 2003. The show was created by Mitchell Kriegman and developed with The Jim Henson Company for Disney Channel.

In 2005, the series was followed by a programming block titled Breakfast with Bear, featuring Bear visiting the homes of real-life children.

Show Structure and Content[]

Bear in the Big Blue House is aimed at teaching lessons to preschool and early school-age children. In each episode, Bear explores learning concepts such as feelings, the alphabet, nature, science and more with the kids of the Big Blue House and/or out in Woodland Valley.

At the beginning of each episode, Bear welcomes viewers to his house and tells them that he thinks they smell good. After talking with one or more of the characters, he introduces the show theme, or "Word of the Day" and sometimes sings a song about it. This segment, in the first three seasons, is often followed by one in which real kids discuss the topic of the day. Afterwards, Bear usually explores the house or valley, talking with the kids and aiding/assisting them as necessary. He will also sometimes stop to find Shadow, who shares a story related to the theme of the day. At the end of each program, Bear heads to the attic of the house and talks with his friend Luna, the moon, about the day's events. The two sing "The Goodbye Song" and notable scenes from the episode are shown in brief. Bear then shares a final thought for the day.

Sometimes, at the opening of the program, Bear will have a talk with Ray. In the fourth season of the program, Woodland Valley, the community at large, is featured much more heavily. Tutter the mouse is shown attending school, many new characters are introduced and the "Good Morning" song and real-kids segments are no longer featured.


The series was developed for Disney Channel, where it premiered in October of 1997 and was seen daily throughout the majority of its run. The first three seasons were broadcast subsequently through 2003, with eight additional episodes airing later in 2006. Reruns continued to air until May 6, 2007.[2]

Home video offerings began on VHS in 1998, with the first DVDs being released in 2000. See Bear in the Big Blue House Videography for a comprehensive list. Each release included a selection of episodes; the full series was never distributed on physical media.

On October 19, 2022, the series began streaming on Disney+ with nine episodes missing at time of launch.


117 episodes were produced including two 2-parters and an unaired pilot.

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