Bear in the Big Blue House Live: Surprise Party toured across the United States and Canada between 2001 and 2002. This was the first VEE Corporation's Bear in the Big Blue House Live stage show, based on the episode "Mouse Party."

It's Tutter's birthday and viewers are invited to join Bear and the gang in the Big Blue House as they work together to plan a surprise party for Tutter. This stage production features many of the voices from the show and many of its songs as well. On his birthday, Tutter finds himself missing his friends, not knowing that they're in the process of planning an elaborate surprise party. While he laments being all alone, the preparations are in full-swing. Ojo gets to work on making the cake, Pip and Pop are placed in charge of the decorations and Treelo is given the task of wrapping Tutter's present. Pip and Pop get literally wrapped up in the decorations, but Bear helps them to break free. And Treelo finds himself wanting a present, but Bear helps him to see that even when it's not your birthday, there's a lot of fun to be had at a birthday party. Additionally, a couple of lucky kids with birthdays get to come on-stage for a special presentation of "Happy, Happy Birthday." The Shadow segment, recycled from "Bear's Birthday Bash" features the children of the week.


  • Bear in the Big Blue House Live! Surprise Party includes two segments featuring real kids. The first one, in which kids talk about mail, is recycled from "What's in the Mail, Today?" The second one features kids talking about what they like about having a birthday party, recycled from the show's basis, "Mouse Party". Things include presents, staying up late and blowing out candles.


Pip and Pop
Josh Bourque
Shayne Fernandes
Anthony Giorgio

The Muppet characters were all performed to a pre-recorded vocal track.

All the characters were featured live on stage with the exception of Ray, Luna, and Shadow, all three of whom were projected onto a large screen.

Voice Talent

Noel MacNeal as Bear
Peter Linz as Tutter and Pip
Vicki Kenderes-Eibner as Ojo
Tyler Bunch as Treelo and Pop
Geoffrey Holder as Ray
Tara Mooney as Shadow
Carol Dennis as Luna

Show Puppeteers

Ana M. Cabrera - Ojo
Yan Campos - Bear
Joe Kovacs - Bear
Doel Martinez - Treelo
Kevin Sario - Pip & Pop
Kristen Sario - Pip & Pop
Justin Walters - Tutter
Noland McFarland - Bear, late 2003 replacement


What's That Smell?
Good Morning
Welcome to the Blue House
That's My Name
What's In The Mail Today?
Where are My Friends? (Friends Forever Version 1)
Love Is Incredible
Let's Get It Together
Baby Baby
Let's Get It Together (reprise)
Magic in the Kitchen
Otter Love Rap
What's Mine is Yours
Where O Where is Shadow
Happy, Happy Birthday
Birthday Wish Come True (Friends Forever Version 2)
The Bear Cha-Cha-Cha
The Goodbye Song

Video releases

  • Bear in the Big Blue House Live!

Additional Credits

Written by Mitchell Kriegman
Directed by Dean Gordon
Executive Producers --- Martin G. Baker and Michael Polis
Produced by Megan Hope-Ross
Associate Director --- Andrea Giles Rich
Edited by --- Jason Bielski, Casey Dake and Les Kaye
Post Production Supervisor --- Janie Oliver
Sound Supervisor --- Dino Herrman
Sound Editors --- Robert C. Jackson and Francois Blaighan
Logo Design --- Jason Bielski, Michele Moore

For VEE Corporation:

President & Executive Producer --- Vincent E. Egan
Sr. VP of Production & Producer --- James M. Waters
Show Directors --- Cheryl Baxter and Sylvia Hase
Choreographer --- David Underwood
Music Director --- Jon Baker
Art Director --- Jeff Murphy
Lighting Directors --- Brian Monaham and Charles Crayn
Creative Director --- Thomas F. Lieberman
General Manager, Production Services --- Jack Pence
Director of Production --- Barbara Lutz
Director of Operations --- Jay Humphry
Manager, Costumes & Creatures --- Chris Vesper
Production Manager --- Clara Westberg

Touring Company

Company Manager --- Terena Cardwell
Asst. Company Manager --- Carmen C. Toft
Performance Director --- Joseph Bearss
Head Carpenter / Crew Chief --- Todd C. Smith
Assistant Carpenter --- Cindy Guanci
Head Electrician --- John Leonard
Assistant Electrician --- Sandra L. C. Fong
Assistant Electrician / Video / Audio --- Kevin McCoy
Head Props --- Kyle Heartt
Head Wardrobe --- Jeanne Marlette
Puppet Master --- Kristen Sario


Production Coordinator --- Andrew Tinning
Technical Producer --- Sheldon Wilson
Technical Director --- Michael Mills
Video Engineer --- Mike Johnson and Elliot Christofoli
Audio Mixer --- Bob Miles
Booth PA --- Cyndi Volpe
Camera Operators --- Bob Armstrong, Steve Cruickshank, Chris Kelly, Mike Schaffel, Mark Snyder and Mitchell Villenevue
Utilities --- Stephanie Mackenzie and Mark Scott
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