Scenes and footage filmed for Bear in the Big Blue House but unused in the final broadcasts.

Picture Episode / Description
"Friends at Play"

An alternate opening was filmed with Ojo and Bear remembering the time Ojo "brought [ Christine ] those carrots that day" but unused in the final episode.

"The Senseless Detectives"

An alternate closeup of Treelo reacting to the moldy banana appears during the Goodbye Song via flashback, but not in the actual scene.

"The Tutter Family Reunion"

An entire song was written and recorded for this episode, but left out of the final cut.

"Let's Get Interactive"

An additional series of questions were planned and fully animated for the "Interactive Shadow Dog" segment, but cut from the final episode. Unused questions involved modes of transportation, people, and a tree stump.

"To Clean or Not to Clean"

An alternate angle of Tutter gasping (left) was filmed but unused in the final cut (right).

"Volunteers of Woodland Valley"

A slightly extended shot of Bear falling on the skateboard is present in the Goodbye Song.

"A Trip to the General Store"

A far shot of Tutter asking Bear about money was unused. The scene continues from there with Bear's explanation, but again this was left on the cutting room floor. (left) This portion of the scene was later reshot (right) with an additional line from Bear explaining that money is used all over the world.

"Tutter's First Big Sleepover Bash"

Extended footage of Bear and Ojo speaking from a far angle was filmed but unused.

"Let it Go"

Pip and Pop were filmed briefly singing from a distance. In the final episode, a closeup is used instead.


  • "Call it a Day" resulted from a contest among the writers to craft an episode based around scenes that were initially left on the cutting room floor.[1][2]


  2. personal communication with Richard Fernandes
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